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Nutrition'S ARCHIVE

  • Most of you have read my 21DSD posts from January already, which left off with my goals for sustainable nutrition.  I figured I would give you guys an update on how it’s going.  Here were the parameters I gave myself and the results: One store bought treat per week.  If it isn’t ‘blow-my-mind-amazing’ I will […]

  • Now that I recognized my need for structure and rules when it comes to sugar, I had to come up with a post-detox plan and stick to it. Here it is, subject to some modifications: Allow myself one store bought treat per week.  If it isn’t ‘blow-my-mind-amazing’ I will limit myself to one bite. Allow […]

  • After a bleak and hangry Week 1, I finally got my nutrition dialed in and started feeling really good. I turned the corner somewhere between day 7 and 8 and felt energized and alert instead of grumpy and weak. Part of it was the sugar withdrawal and the other was me not eating enough volume. […]

  • After doing the Whole 30 Challenge upwards of 4 times (or more), I decided I was “too good” at it. I know my true addiction is sugar and I found ways to satiate that need even eating within Whole 30 guidelines. So, I decided it was time to change it up and face my biggest […]

  • In case you discover your body is sensitive to gluten when you reintroduce it, we are fortunate enough to live in such an oasis of great gluten free options. Check out PDX Monthly’s article on gluten-free food and drinks in Portland. WOD 02.01.16 A. Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat + Jerk 4×2 Max […]

  • Whole 30 Day 23 and Field Trip!

    By Ruth | In Community, Nutrition | on January 26, 2016

    Whether on the Whole30, 21 Day Sugar Detox, other diet, or no diet join us this Sunday for an Intrepid Meet-up at Dick’s Kitchen for a whatever diet friendly meal out.  Many participating on this Nutrition Challenge knows that dining out options are limited to none, but Dick’s Kitchen has several options available and when in doubt […]

  • Many people start to get into a rut about halfway through the Whole 30. You figured out what works for your budget, schedule, and taste buds. It’s hard to step out of that routine even if the food gets boring. With all the spices out there, you’re only limited by your imagination. Here are a […]

  • Whole30 Day 10: Whole30 Recipes Instagram

    By Ruth | In Nutrition, Recipes | on January 13, 2016

    Whole30 Instagrammers be sure to Follow Whole30 Recipes for some awesome ideas to help you along.  Start planning your dishes for this weekend’s Whole30 Potluck at Tec and Amy’s.  More information on our Intrepid PDX Community Facebook page and meal sign-ups posted at the gym.  Here are just some of the recipes from posted from […]

  • Day 2: MealLogger

    By Ruth | In Challenges, Community, Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition | on January 5, 2016

    In past nutrition challenges we’ve tried everything from posting meals in old fashion online forums, to private Facebook groups, to an honor system. Luckily technology is catching up to the demand and for this challenge we’ll be using an Online System/App called MealLogger.  One thing we like about MealLogger is the ease of posting, especially […]

  • We’re starting the Whole 30 on Monday, January 4th, but for some of you, this may not be your first rodeo. You may be thinking, “what’s in it for me this time?” While it’s worthy to repeat the Whole 30 from time to time since your body’s sensitivities may change with age, here are a […]

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