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Not Just For Farmers

By Ruth | In Strongman, Uncategorized | on October 14, 2015

From grocery bags to car seats, buckets of water, and luggage, carrying heavy items in our hands is a relatively common task.   When done correctly, it’s also a fantastic way to build strength.  According to Kalle Beck of Starting Strongman,

The Farmers Walk puts the majority of muscles in your body under major amounts of tension for the duration of the exercise – your forearms control your grip on the implement, both biceps and triceps stabilize. Your entire upper back has to work against pulling your shoulders down and your chest crumbling, your core has to work to keep you from folding in half, your legs are need to walk and your cardiovascular system takes a beating.

The best part?  It’s a really natural movement.   It’s not like executing an Olympic lift with a thousand things to think about.  You simply lift and carry.  Keep your shoulders back, chest up, and walk.  Here are some of the benefits to this movement as a means of exercise.

  • Posture
  • Midline/Torso strength
  • Armor building
  • Grip strength

There are also many ways to farmer carry:

  • Farmer handles (thick barbell with handles welded on)
  • Suitcase: one arm carry
  • Pinch: using only thumb and fingers to pinch object (plate)
  • Max distance with designated weight
  • Fixed distance for time

Check out these great articles for more information:

The Farmer’s Walk: Why You Should Do Them – Starting Strongman

Strongman Series: The Farmer’s Walk – Breaking Muscle

WOD 10.14.15

Power Clean: Work to a heavy triple

Back Squat (2010)
5@75%, 5@80%, 3-5@85%, 3-5@90%

10 Pull Up Toes 2 Bar *
12 Burpees
14 Walking Lunges

Toes to bar has to be performed consecutively after a pull up. If you come off the bar after a pull up, you can’t perform a toes to bar without first doing a pull up again.

Clean 3×3
Pullover/rollover skills


  • 500m row
  • 15 yd bear crawl
  • farmer carry 40 yd (heavy)

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