David Khalaf

David Khalaf



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Early in his life David’s parents exposed him to nearly every major sport — and he sucked at most of them. He later discovered an affinity for solo endurance sports, and found middling success in cross-country and track and field. In high school, he swam and was twice on the team that won the national championship for water polo (where he mostly cheered from the bench awkwardly in a Speedo). In college, he took classes in weightlifting with dreams of becoming swole and achieved at best semi-swoleness.

Years later, David discovered functional fitness, which redefined his outlook on athleticism. He discovered that exercising for the goal of moving better in daily life was far more rewarding than exercising to merely look good or to earn trophies that would eventually end up in a garage sale. Most of all, David loves that functional fitness is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, body type, or ability.

David has previously coached Crossfit in Los Angeles at Crossfit City of Angels and Crossfit Silverlake. His pronouns are he/him.

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