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Strength and Conditioning in Portland, OR

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Strength and Conditioning

Are you someone who loves a steady routine, moving heavy weights, and tracking your progress? Are you hoping to gain lean body mass and either sculpt or grow your muscles? Do you find it hard to enjoy or recover from high repetition intense workouts? Our Strength and conditioning program may be the perfect fit for you. If you ask 10 coaches to define fitness, you could potentially end up with 10 different answers with none of them being wrong.  However, when you ask them to define health and wellness, the variety of answers tend to narrow a bit.  Our strength program aims to maximize improvements in health (blood/lipid markers and immune system function), wellness (physical and mental well being), and fitness simultaneously.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we will encounter between 6-9 lifts on any given day, with 3 of them being primary strength movements and the other 3-6 being body building ones. Our goal is for you to measure your progress over months and years rather than weeks. Our coaches will teach you how to progress week to week and adjust for those weeks where you're not feeling 100%. While they won't give you individual programing, they can slightly modify or tailor your warm ups and lifts to fit your ability and goals.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll spend our time doing steady state cardio and sprinkle some days of high intensity sprint work for balance. Steady state cardio is also known as Zone 2 cardio, sub VT1, and sub lactate threshold training. It's the foundation to improve the health and wellness side of fitness. By using free fatty acids for fuel, we are improving our mitochondrial health with the added benefit of burning excess fat and shifting body composition. Most importantly, you'll notice a big swing in mental health improvement. The hardest part of steady state training is unlearning the American standard of needing to punish our bodies or suffer in order to have had a"good workout." Listen to a podcast, watch your favorite show, or chat with your fellow lifters on these days.

We'll host meet ups on Saturdays for foam rolling and stretching instruction so we can maintain our muscles and fascia before they become the squeaky wheel, or worse, a flat tire that derails your progress.

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