Ruth Rodgers

Ruth Rodgers

Head Coach and Co-Owner



About Coach

Ruth (she/her) first fell in love with movement after discovering martial arts in college, where she also learned she had a knack for and a desire to coach others. In coaching people to both move with intention and to push themselves beyond what they believe they are capable of, Ruth hopes to help each individual cultivate a mindset of resilience that will serve them in all other aspects of their lives.

Ruth’s pre-children hobbies included rock climbing, surfing, and traveling, but lately her free time is spent with her 2 kids, planning family camping adventures, and training her dog. Just as she thought, strength training has exponentially improved her performance in all the above activities. Aside from baby elephants, puppies, and a perfect pour over, nothing brings a tear to her eyes like seeing people achieve Personal Records: be it a strict pull-up, activating obliques and lats, or the mental victory of knowing they can push themselves much harder than ever before.

Turning Point

Ruth's fitness journey took a detour a couple of years ago after shoulder surgery.  Reframing her goals, re-evaluating what brings her joy, and recreating a routine that feels good both physically and mentally brought her to starting the Strength Program.  There are so many paths to fitness and the most important thing is to find the one that is sustainable and brings you joy.

Motivation & Passion

The goal of training is to empower each person to take ownership over their own fitness journey, helping them identify old injuries, traumas, or sports-specific imbalances that might be impacting their current ability to move safely through various movements, and offering them tools for improvement in these areas. Ruth’s approach revolves around a cultivation of greater body awareness, facilitating each individual’s ability to properly feel and engage specific muscles, in the service of safer, more sustainable movement patterns. This kind of self-knowledge opens up possibilities for more complex movements while simultaneously making the body — and the individual — more resilient to injury over the long term.